11th August 2015 | Posted in General News

Violence Reduction in the Security Industry

At the end of July, the SIA released details of a new strategy to reduce violence associated with private security. They have also stated that violence reduction will become a top priority in their Corporate Plan 2015/2016.

This is welcome news in an industry where door supervisors acknowledge that encountering violence is ‘all in a day’s work’ and is ‘part of the job’. No-one should go to work expecting that they may be bitten, hit or abused in any form. The night-time economy can be a challenging industry to work in and we are pleased at the prospect of the SIA’s new strategy supporting multi-agencies to work together to combat violence in our towns and cities.

The main aim of the SIA is ‘to improve public protection by reducing the risks from violence in the night-time economy’.

They intend to work with the industry and with partners to:

  • promote voluntary harm reduction measures;
  • intervene directly or through referrals to third parties to target high risk individuals, businesses and venues;
  • prevent harm by setting standards for individuals and businesses that drive reduction; and
  • inform change in the industry by gathering and using information effectively to underpin interventions and those of partner agencies.

To gain a deeper understanding of violence related challenges the SIA has highlighted a number of measures that can be adopted to prevent and reduce violence.

These fall into three broad categories:

  • strategic measures relating to the planning of environments
  • design and management of venues and premises including retail and public places
  • tactics and equipment used by security staff and venues

So what does this look like in practice? 

Well, to give you an idea, interest was shown in suggestions relating to the use of breathalysers and ID scanning, taxi marshalling, extended use of CCTV, improved relationships between venues and better training for security staff and bar staff.

Bridgegate Security recognises the importance of supporting a multi-agency approach to prevent and reduce violence in order to protect the public and protect those working in the security industry. We will be supporting the initiative by reviewing our policies and procedures  to continue to deliver best practice standards. Taking our lead from the SIA research we will shortly be releasing our own guide ‘Protecting Society – A Best Practice Model’ and providing free ‘Reducing Violence’ training sessions for our employees and clients.


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