9th November 2012 | Posted in General News

Students feel safer with campus security on duty

Survey finds that 84% of UK students are concerned about security as LA University USC witnesses non-fatal shooting

A survey of 1,000 university students has found that 84% are concerned about security and that they feel safer when a trained security guard is on duty.

Former police chief superintendant, Russ Smith, said:

“Few school leavers would admit to checking the crime rate at their campus before choosing their preferred university, but, as our survey shows, it is important to them – as for the majority it will be the first time they have lived away from their parents.”

On Wednesday night, four non-students were shot on Los Angeles’ USC campus at a Halloween party. An online ad for the party featured the words: “Strict off-duty officers plus campus [police] = no worries.”

However, four people were wounded as shots were fired outside the party in the queue of around 100 people trying to get into the celebration.

While UK university students are unlikely to face security challenges as tough as those in the US – where gun crime is shockingly commonplace to casual observers from outside the States – it does go to show that such large amounts of young, often naive, people can lead to problems.

In April, two USC students were tragically killed near to the campus. As a result the police and USC authorities added more patrols and surveillance cameras to the nearby area – but the latest shooting shows how difficult it is to protect a large, open, campus.

A balance must be struck between safety and security of students and allowing them the freedom to express themselves in what should be a peaceful, enriching environment.

In the UK, then, this research shows that on the whole, this has been achieved. I’d be interested to hear if readers Stateside feel the same?

By Rob Ratcliff

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