6th November 2015 | Posted in General News

Nottingham Police Commend Bridgegate Door Supervisor

After a serious incident occurred outside (but completely unrelated to) a Nottingham nightclub recently, Bridgegate Head Door Supervisor, Damien Eustace, has been praised by the police for his quick thinking and selfless actions.

On Saturday 25th October 2015 a member of the public received a potentially fatal injury nearby to the venue where a Bridgegate Security team were working. The details of Damien’s professional and dedicated involvement are detail here, in this letter of appreciation from the local police licensing officer.

Letter of appreciation


Damien said, “My instincts kicked in and I went to help. I want to thank my door team who all did a fantastic job under a lot of pressure and give special mention to Natasha who went above and beyond her call of duty.”

Bridgegate Security Director, Gordon McLean, said, “We are really proud to have such high calibre staff working for the company. It’s always fantastic when individuals are recognised and praised by other agencies such as the police.”

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