12th October 2013 | Posted in General News

Fast Action By Two Door Supervisors Saves A Female Customers Life

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On Friday evening 27 September 2013 at Revolution Cardiff an incident occurred that could have ended tragically for a female customer if it wasn’t for the fast thinking and actions of our two front door staff. On that evening the Head Doorman, Gareth Wills, was on holiday, leaving Allan Kasongo and Steve Spiteri to manage the front of house. At around 2330 a female left the bar and then stood outside chatting with a friend, some minutes later she ran into the road and was hit by a car.

Immediately Allan and Steve called Charlie Romeo on the police radio informing them of the accident whilst they ran to the girl’s aid. They took control of the incident scene by stopping the traffic in both directions and ensuring the girl was in a safe and stable position.

Alan and Steve maintained control until the police and ambulance arrived, the girl was taken immediately to hospital where her condition was reported as critical but stable.

PC Jamie Davis later called Gareth Wills and said that “Allan and Steve’s quick reactions saved the girls life”.

Excellent work Allan and Steve, thank you both for your selfless actions which secured the safety of the girl by protecting her from other oncoming vehicles and in doing so prevented further injury or death.


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